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Nancy McNaughton - Director

image of Nancy McNaughton

It really is pretty simple. I am passionate about life. I have so much to share before I leave this beautiful place to enter into an eternal even better place.

I suffered a severe depression for many years, many years ago. In that pain I yelled out “God, send me someone who has gone through what I am going through and has overcome”! I waited and nobody came.

I have now come to the realization that I am that person! It is my mission to empower others to see their possibility in amongst a world of impossibility thinking.

I believe that every dream is God-given and deserves to be explored. If it has been planted in our minds, it is a part of us. Just like we use every part of our physical bodies, we need to embrace and explore every thought we own.

My thought many years ago to “help people” has grown from learning to first help myself. God guides me every moment of my life. I simply remember to continue to focus on Him.

He sends people and circumstances into our lives in his timing which is perfect and good!

It is my goal to help others realize their “individual callings.” I challenge you to simply believe. I started at a place where I did not believe…I simply prayed to believe..It was that simple. It is that simple for each on of us……no matter what!

My 10 + years experience in coaching clients living with various challenges and barriers to achieve their goals, has provided me with the skills, knowledge and passion to direct the unique services of Opening Doors to Success Inc.

Brent McNaughton – Resource Coordinator

image of Brent McNaughton

Brent started his working career with the railway. Throughout those years he worked his way up through the ranks starting as a laborer and ending as a supervisor. It was there he learned to operate various types of machinery including but not limited to forklifts, bridge and boom cranes and loaders.

After leaving the railway, Brent obtained a class 1 drivers license and worked as a truck driver both local and long distance.

Since that time Brent has been employed as a forklift operator, salesperson, recycling plant manager and a trucking company manager.

The highlight of Brent’s career was his experience as a manager for a day program which supported individuals living with various disabilities. Brent discovered his strength and passion to help and encourage others on their journeys. Brent acquired his Class 5 Driver Instructor Certification and Manitoba Forklift Safety Training Certificates. He supported the creation of Opening Doors to Success Inc. and became program manager.

Brent is an easy going and respectful teacher and manager who believes that anyone can achieve their dreams and goals if they have faith in themselves and do what it takes.

Brent’s many years as a successful employee and strong leader give him the qualities to manage Opening Doors to Success Inc. and to provide excellent training to individuals who are on their personal and professional journeys. Brent’s training is tailored to meet each student’s individual needs and is easy to understand.

Megan Adams - Program Manager

image of Megan Adams

“It’s MONDAY!!” This is what I am known for saying every Monday morning. It’s a simple thing to love Mondays, when you love your job as much as I l do. As a mother of 6, it is crucial to me, that my children have the knowledge that it is possible to have something they love to do, be truly passionate about it, and finding that the bonus is they’re being paid to do it.

I have a passion for caring for and helping people. With the belief that everyone has the potential of pursuing and achieving their goals and dreams, I get to help people everyday.

What a rewarding feeling it is knowing that, with the tools and resources we provide at ODS, our clients gain the encouragement, support and motivation to make their aspirations their reality!

April Dawne Wells – Pre-employment Coach

Image of JenniferBircham

Good Day! My name is April,

I am a very happy to be a part of the ODS team as a Pre-Employment Coach. Over the years, I have had a variety of customer/client service jobs that I felt I was successful at, but did not find a comfortable fit, until I discovered the ODS program. Lending a kind ear, giving guidance, information, and a friendly approach to folks in search of their job/career goals is both rewarding and a success! I hope to continue my career path in the direction that I can help others who might feel a little lost in their goals, it can certainly be overwhelming! Also, I love my cat and dog…a lot…oh and chocolate. All the best to our future successes!


Jon Elias – Pre-employment Coach

Image of Jon Elias

I have held a number of jobs in various different fields, searching for my career path along the way. After completing the workshop program with Opening Doors to Success Inc. I have found direction and passion as a pre-employment coach working to achieve, excel and evolve in fulfilling my passion of supporting people in their journey of success.

Schila Friesen – Program Assistant

Image of Schila Friesen

Hi! My name is Schila.

I joined ODS initially as a student. I walked into the workshops believing I didn't have many skills to contribute to our community. I walked out feeling empowered and confident in my abilities and now am a part of this amazing team. My goal is to represent and support everyone who comes through our open doors.


With God everything is possible! It is not always easy, but it is simple!