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Opening Doors to Success Services

Doorway to Career Success 12 - week Course

Our program is a step by step approach, where you identify the support you need to reach your individual goals. We encourage and challenge you while providing accountability.

Workshops help you be-come self aware and em-powered to make your goals your reality.

  • Find your motivation for career success

  • Prepare your focused resume and cover letter

  • Acquire a positive career mindset

  • Explore entrepreneurship

  • Rekindle positive self-esteem

  • Prepare for a successful job search and interview

  • Build self-awareness and emotional well-ness for work

  • First Aid / CPR certification

  • Explore and research your career goals

  • Mental Health First Aid Training

  • Money management

  • Career Launch Essential Workplace Skills Assessments

  • Get a grip on employment anxiety and depression

  • Tips on shining in your new career

  • Acquire a continuous learning mindset

  • Develop an individual action plan

  • Physical wellness for work

  • Strategies to let go, and move toward your career goals

  • Build stronger communication skills for work and life

We also provide:

• Ongoing one to one coaching

• Individualized employment leads

• Relaxing atmosphere to chat with staff who understand and have experienced employment set backs

• Confidentiality